Model’s Info & Photos Tabs

  • Fill in private information, add notes & files (contracts, IDs, etc..).
  • Add skills and activities with precise levels.
  • Define relationships between your contacts: mother agency, legal representative, casting directors...
  • Upload pictures, videos & polaroids.
  • Photos operations:
    • Define the main picture
    • Rearrange order and add comments
    • Rotate and crop
    • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, hue, ...
    • Print composites (choose between 4 pictures per page, 2 or 1)
    • Create, send, print or assign books to your website* or your event
  • Create multiple Books for different purposes.
* only if your website is connected to the ITC Booking Software.
Talent General Info tabTalents Photos tabTalents Books

Package Operations & Advanced Search

Package InformationPackage Advanced Search
  • Add Talents to Packages with Simple or Advanced Search (using multiple criteria such as skills, activities and general information).
  • Multiple tabs can be created inside the same Package in order to separate different roles, or separate models/talents by price.
  • Choose if you want to include HD pictures, videos links or composites (in PDF).
  • Send the Package to your Client, and manage his answer directly inside the Booking Software.
  • View the history of packages sent, viewed and answered to.
  • Package batch operations: (operations applied to all the selected talents)
    • add / remove all selected talents
    • add / remove all photos, videos or polaroids
    • select the favorite books (defined inside the talent's tab)
  • Packages can be transformed into an Agreement (Casting, Option, Job,...) in order to finalise the deal with your Client.

Agenda & Contacts

  • Agenda main view can be filtered by Booker, by contacts (including Models), by department (in case your agency includes more than one department) or by events type.
  • Events can be created simply by drag and drop.
  • ITC Booking Software can handle a large amount of contacts without slow downs.
  • The contacts can belong to multiple organized groups to speed up search or selection.
  • A contact can contain basic and financial information, notes, files as well as being linked to networking contacts.
  • View, or print information or send an email directly to a contact.
Agenda main viewContacts List

Talents List

Talents List
  • Edit or print the model's information.
  • View the model's agenda or statement.
  • Assign flags that will be removed automatically after the date you define (example: "pregnant", "in town", "on travel", "new faces", etc...).
  • Choose which models will be displayed on your website* (as well as which information you want to display).
  • Visualize all applications sent through your website's form on a separate view called "upcoming models". Decide who will join your active models database and who will be rejected.*
* only if your website is connected to the ITC Booking Software.

Invoicing and Statements

  • Create and send financial proposals for your projects (models jobs, etc...).
  • Automatic creation of invoices for customers and suppliers.
  • Manage payments of invoices sent and expenses to pay.
  • View the statements by Talent, Client or Agency.
  • View overdue payments, the due next month, next week, etc...
  • View financial reports: monthly, quarterly and yearly.
Customers Invoices List