Detailed Features & Prices

ITC Booking Software is available in English , French , Portuguese , German , and Polish . If you need it in another language, please write to us!

Monthly pricing (billed annually) = save up to 2 months per year + the setup fees!
39 € / User / Month
49 € / User / Month
49 € / User / Month
69 € / User / Month
85 € / User / Month
Monthly pricing (billed monthly)
45 € / User / Month
59 € / User / Month
59 € / User / Month
79 € / User / Month
99 € / User / Month
Simple Events (Appointments, Out, ...)
Advanced Events (Casting, Option, Job, Fitting, Photo Test, ...)
Flags (Pregnant, New Face, On Holidays, In Town, ...)
Filter Agenda (Booker's Agenda, Model's, Agency's)
Add Pictures, Videos (from YouTube - Vimeo - Dailymotion - Myspace)
Image Edition (Rotate, Crop, adjust Brightness, Exposure, ...)
Create Books including Photos, Polaroids and Videos
Define Favorite Books (used in Packages or for Website appearance)
Send the Book (PDF) by email
Print Composites in PDF directly from Photos or Books
Add Skills and Activities with precise levels and comments
Add any Files (ID photocopies, contracts,...)
Manage Hard Copy Books
Manage Talents Agendas
Upcoming Models: new applications from your Website directly inside the system*
Archive Talents (still be able to access them in a separate database)
Talents and Contacts
Groups and Relationships (photographers, directors, studios, ...)
Define Relationships between other Talents/Contacts or Agencies
Add Notes, Financial Information
Upload Any File
Print the Talent/Contact Info
See the Events History
Send Email/SMS**
Connection to Twitter
Connection to Facebook
Packages and Mailing
Add Talents to Packages with Simple or Advanced Search
Batch Operations (apply Books, Photos, Polaroids, Videos in one click)
Send your Packages and receive your Clients Selections and Comments
Tracked Delivery / Opening
Send Newsletters, Campaigns (Announce your New Faces, or your Talents In Town)
Send HD Pictures, Videos links, Composites (in PDF)
Customize your Package and Email Templates (Logo and Agency's colors)
Transform your Clients answers into Castings, Options, Jobs, ...
Define costs of the Job, commissions and taxes
Define Media usage, price and length
Notify Talents by email or SMS**
View the Talents' answers directly in the System (email only)
Manage Expenses
Print Calls Status (Talents' answers to attend to the Casting | Job)
Print Booking Confirmations
Print Vouchers
Customer's invoices
Supplier's invoices
Manage payments (incomes and expenses)
Statements by Talent, Client or Agency
Revenue Tracking (Overdue Payments, Due Next Month, Due Next Week, ...)
Financial reports (monthly, quarterly and yearly overview)
Simple fast search for Contacts/Talents by name/email
Advanced Search by physical information, skills, activities, flags, groups, ...
Global Search: find anything from anywhere
Search through Date, Events Type, Talents, Bookers
Print (PDF) or email
Unlimited Storage of Talents, Contacts, Events, etc.
Free Storage (Photos, document files, ...)
1 GB / User
1 GB / User
1 GB / User
1 GB / User
1 GB / User
Additional Storage for Photos & document files
3€ / month / GB
3€ / month / GB
3€ / month / GB
3€ / month / GB
3€ / month / GB
User Permissions (block/give access to your data to specific users)
Data Backup on Our Servers (files)
1 / day
1 / day
1 / day
1 / day
1 / day
Database Backup on Our Servers
4 / day
4 / day
4 / day
4 / day
4 / day
Data Backup to be Downloaded for Free
1 backup / month
1 backup / month
1 backup / month
1 backup / month
1 backup / month
Additional Data Backup
25€ /request
25€ /request
25€ /request
25€ /request
25€ /request
Price depending on Your area
SETUP (Optional): Emails layout templates, Package layout and any document (Vouchers, Invoices, Statements...)
49€ | Offer****
99€ | Offer****
99€ | Offer****
149€ | Offer****
199€ | Offer****
**** SETUP fees OFFERED in case of yearly payment
WEBSITE | optional
Hosting and connection of your website based on our templates
149€ / month
149€ / month
149€ / month
149€ / month
149€ / month
Manage new applications as Upcoming Models directly from the Booking Software
Change your template once per year
Manage news, content, Talents to display
Manage new applications as Upcoming Models directly from the Booking Software
Choose the Books to display on the website
Connect your existing website with our Booking Software
Live Chat support
All prices are given without taxes (taxes will be added only if applicable)

* Works if you have a website connected to the system.

** Costs of SMS depend on your country. Contact Us for more information.

*** Reports are included in BASIC Plan, but are actually interesting only with the Advanced Events Feature.

**** SETUP fees OFFERED in case of yearly payment.

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